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The power of WSI’s network lies in its global reach and our strategic relationships with major global players in IT. We are the biggest network of internet marketing consultants in the known universe (planet Earth being the known populated universe, for now!). We stay ahead of what’s happening in digital marketing, and we pool this knowledge and experience together and deliver results in each local market where we work.

We have offices in over 80 countries and each team is equipped to bring their knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business, applying digital marketing plans that we know are saving money and growing revenues for businesses everywhere.

Powerful Network of Marketers

The WSI network is a real differentiator, because it’s really powerful. Our consultants are seasoned business owners or executives themselves, each with their own expertise of local issues that they bring to the network when we convene at company regional meetings and conventions.

Our secret lies in the knowledge base we build, share and expand upon as our industry changes and advances into often uncharted territory. This network has the skills to create the digital marketing plan that will take your business’s online presence to the next level.

Digital Minds

Much of our wisdom was encapsulated recently in the WSI book ‘Digital Minds: 12 Things every Business Owner should know about Digital Marketing’, publish initially in 2013 and now available in all good bookstores (physical and online!).


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