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The term ‘mobile’ is about more than just smartphones. People move around a lot, we always have. We walk, ride bikes, drive cars, take public transport, travel on aeroplanes and now spaceships. And now that we live in a world of perpetual connectivity, we want to remain plugged in.

Constant Movement

Consumers travel from their homes, to the office, to off-site meetings, to stop at a coffee shop, then back to work for the afternoon before heading back home. That’s a lot of movement.

A consumer might visit your site on their desktop at work, read an email from you on their tablet while at a meeting, and check you out on Twitter from their smartphone. It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to maintain a connected and consistent presence across multiple platforms.

If mobile devices represent more than 20% of your website visitors, you probably should be making sure that you are catering for mobile users in your web properties. To find out more WSI's mobile solutions, get in touch with an expert today.


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