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Good as Google is, a world with search engines can be strangely simplistic. They are computers, after all! A physical store might very well exist in plain sight of passers-by, but if the business can’t be found in the search results and doesn’t have a website, it’s likely losing out on customers and in some cases, will fail before it ever gets off the ground. So if your store is heavily reliant on web traffic, you need to understand how to use Search Engines.

Potential customers are increasingly tech savvy, and could be right around the corner from the kind of business they’re actually looking for, but if it doesn’t turn up in their search results, they’ll likely end up travelling further only to give their business to your competitor.

The Way Up

Although keywords remain at the heart of search engine activity, a more holistic approach delivers better results. Whatever the circumstances, we work to understand your business and your customers’ buying habits, to work out the right mix of techniques that will provide building blocks for your marketing strategy. What role does organic SEO play? How do we put your branding across? What content might they be looking for? How can we drive them to the response we want? Could PPC or display advertising help? What context are we dealing with?

Using search engines is about targeting your customers with a rifle shot, not an elephant gun! There’s a perfect mix of search solutions available for you, it just takes research to determine where you need to be and where to focus. Our experts will work with you to think that through and put in place the right strategy for visibility through search engines.

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