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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Competing on the internet is a touch more involved than 'being top of Google'.  Delivering a return on investment is what counts, and that's where we start.

What should we be doing to really compete online?

Every business has a website, and everyone claims to be 'top of Google'. But how much business are you generating through your internet infrastructure? How good is your website at the essential task of marketing your business? Does it really make you stand out from your competitors?

Who are you customers, and how do they buy? How should you give them what they need to help them to buy from you?  Will you be served better by a different Content Strategy, or by heavier Search Marketing? Where should Social Media play in the mix? Find out more about our Competitive Strategy Analysis.

We’re getting traffic but no-one is buying?

Businesses spend millions of pounds every year driving customers to a website, but spend almost nothing helping those customers ‘convert’, i.e. to turn them from passing visitors into paying customers. Many e-commerce sites struggle to get qualified traffic through Search Engines, and 70% of shopping transactions are abandoned at the checkout stage.

Is your website really a glorified online brochure? Does it provide your visitors the information they need throughout their buying cycle? Where does it fit in the infrastructure of your internet marketing model? Our Conversion Optimisation Analysis will tell you more.

How good is our website?

Is your website working for your business? Have you updated it recently? The internet moves so quickly that the chances are that if you haven't done anything in a couple of years, you are being left behind by newer techniques.  Is your website holding you back?

Websites will never 'spontaneously combust' into business.  If your website is 'top of Google' (they always are!) but you never get any leads through it, have you asked yourself 'Why not?' 

A WSI Webscan can tell you where your website's strengths and weaknesses are and set you on the way to working out a more effective strategy that will deliver a return. Order a Webscan and talk to us about how to compete online.

Who is actually visiting my website?

Do you know who is actually visiting your website? Are you getting traffic, but it's not converting to calls or emails? Would it help you to know who your website visitors are?

Using Lead Forensics, you can actually know not only who your visitors are, but what they are looking at, when and how much. It's integrated with a variety of lead generation tools with business and internet intelligence to provide your Sales teams with powerful information to engage with real prospects, and can even integrate into your CRM system.

We need to get into Social Media? Where do we start?

'Social media marketing' has become a resounding concept among the marketing community. Many companies have started leveraging social media marketing to varying degrees – from monitoring their online reputation to developing and nurturing a loyal online community. Meanwhile, other companies have sat back and done nothing while social media continues to strengthen its presence in consumers’ lives.

Whether your company is currently using social media or you are looking to start, we can guide you through the fundamental principles and general best practices on how to develop, execute and measure an effective social media strategy that work for the business... Find out whether is it relevant for you.

My E-Commerce Site Isn't Getting Many Sales?

Have you getting enough sales through your site, or are your customers abandoning their shopping carts? Statistics show that 6 out of 10 online shoppers don’t complete the online shopping transaction. Make sure you’re one of the 4 in 10 whose customers do.

Every client's circumstances are different, and consulting is not always a very exact science as a result!  Although some of the services we offer may apply to a number of client situations, it's important to understand the context of the clients and markets you serve, and the products and services you provide.

Initially, one-to-one consulting sessions may be required to determine an appropriate way forward, although we may then use some of these services in helping to determine your internet marketing strategy.

Check out our Business and Marketing Survey Form to help you think about your marketing priorities, and then contact us to discuss your situation. An initial consultation to work out whether we can help costs nothing, and we will work out an appropriate plan for you based on your individual circumstances.

We help ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice and leadership & management support. If you're a manufacturer, it's possible you may be able to get up to 50% funding for Competitive Strategy and E-Commerce projects through the Manufacturing Advisory Service.  Check here to find out how.

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