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The Future is Already Here!

‘Assistive technology’ is a generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities, who often have difficulty performing ‘normal’ activities of daily living, whether on their own or with assistance from carers.

With the right assistive technology the burden of disability can be eased and promote greater personal independence, enabling and empowering people to perform tasks they were previously unable to do or had great difficulty doing. People with disabilities have an opportunity for a more positive and productive lifestyle, increased social participation, security and control of their environment. Just ask Rob, he knows first-hand about the positive impact it can have.

Technology for the Long Term

We’re all living longer and its costing us more as a nation. Health and Social Care providers are now actively seeking and investing in innovative ways of providing care and support. Social Care in particular is often heavily paper-based and time consuming, reducing the time for the delivery of actual care. The Internet of Things opens a wide array of choices as with devices connected via the web. When done correctly, assistive technology has huge potential to provide customised and tailored support to individuals and carers in a cost-effective, long term and sustainable manner.

The best ideas for assistive technology often come from personal experience and WSI are here to help make those a reality. If you think a piece of technology could help someone you know or others in their position, have a chat with our team to see what’s out there that can work for them.

And if we can’t find it, we’ll build it!