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People have become very comfortable moving money around the Internet. By implementing a cost-effective eCommerce solution, you open your business to new growth opportunities in your local market or perhaps even new markets. Using the Internet and eCommerce, you can reach beyond your current customer base and operate 24*7.

eCommerce offers a real opportunity to generate revenue while you sleep, but ‘doing it right’ requires thorough consideration to integrate into your business.

You’ll be surprised how many unrecognised opportunities lie in the use of eCommerce technology. Using our proprietary Internet Business Analysis™, WSI’s consultants have the ability to identify and unlock new sources of revenue within your business.

There is much to consider in preparing your online store for business:

  • Business Strategy – Who you compete with online, and how you will create the compelling offering for your perfect customers
  • Marketing Strategy – How you will generate footfall to your shop
  • Business Processes – How you will integrate your online shop into the business, your back-end systems and processes
  • Business Operations – How you will run the shop on a day to day basis – order handling, customer service, invoicing and accounting

In simple terms, you cannot simply set up a website and expect it to burst into life and deliver sales.  Our consultants have deep experience in e-commerce, and will guide you in making the right choices to deliver ROI from your online sales channel.

Give us a call on 0113 242 3795 or send us a message to discuss your requirements further.

Take full advantage of your online business with WSI.